We welcome many international visitors to Christ Church Endcliffe.

A lot come to Sheffield to study but there are plenty of other reasons people have ended up here. Whoever you are and wherever you are from we hope that this is a place where you can feel welcomed, make friends, and become part of the church family.

We do hope you will be as much a part of the church family as anyone else who joins us so we encourage you to get involved with everything that we do. If you are a student please join us for student things including the Training Field. If you have children we hope they will be comfortable at Children’s Church. If you are just investigating Christianity you can join one of our courses. So please let us know how you want to join in.

Whoever you are and wherever you are from we hope that this is a place where you can feel welcomed

We know that it is hard for people who don’t speak English as their first language so there are some things to help:

  • Extended yet simple sermon notes. These are on the table as you enter the main meeting room, and will help you listen to and understand the sermon.
  • Chinese Bibles. Sorry if you don’t speak Chinese but let us know what language you would like a Bible in and we’ll get one for you!
  • International Bible Study Group. A Bible study group done in really simple English.

Also during the week there are two international cafés. These are fun places for you to make international and English friends, and they run on Monday and Friday evenings. If you need more information or help about anything then emial to us.

Christmas 2017

Who will you be spending Christmas with this year?

Christmas is a time which we love to share with those closest to us.  And it is a time when we miss very deeply those whom death or circumstance have removed from us.

So we hope that you can join us this Christmas, as we celebrate that God himself has stepped into our world and become one of us.  Jesus was “God with us”.  And he has not only shared in the ups and downs of our experience, but he also invites us to join him in his life.

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