In line with national lockdown measures, we have taken a break from running the Life Skills Courses. However, we are back with the CAP Money Course…


CAP Money is three sessions long and will be run on Zoom by our very own CAP Team. CAP describe the CAP Money course as “…a free course that will teach you budgeting skills and a simple…system that works. In just a few weeks, you will get to grips with your finances so you can budget, save and prevent debt.” CAP Money lends itself well to video meetings and the great thing about the course is that it can benefit anyone who attends – from those in real debt or “treading water”, to people who want to use their money more wisely, and even to couples where finances may be a bone of contention!

The central components of the CAP Money course are a fantastic, online (but printable) budget worksheet and a three “pot” spending system. Both are invaluable tools that should be shared widely as we aim, as followers of Christ, to help others live a fulfilled life, free of debt and other financial fears and worries.

Initially, we are opening the course up to CCE members and their families and friends, while we find our feet, but keep an eye out for further updates on future courses, or get in contact with us…

For more information email the office, or visit CAP for more information.

CAP Life Skills course is a free 8 week course available to all regardless of faith, age, gender or background.

The course will teach you practical money saving techniques, such as cooking on a budget and making your money go further. These sessions are set in a relaxed environment with a mixture of practical activities and informal discussion with a free meal at the start.

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